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Tessact is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics company that helps in transforming businesses using powerful video recognition technologies built on most advanced machine learning systems. The company redefines the way contextual insights are to be used for media production, digital advertising, consumer experience creation and news analytics. 

Tessact provides media metadata generation, video collaboration and viewership analytics products to leading corporations in media industry. Tessact enables people to create, collaborate, analyze and monetize the videos, all in one place, and be a go-to platform to experience collaboration on videos. Its products are backed by some of the most reputable media companies as customers.

An AI-Powered Video Creation

Make better videos faster, together

AI-based Video Tagging Solutions

Tessect utilize AI-based video tagging solutions that able to give insight on your channel such as spoken words, written text, faces, celebrities, emotions, topics, brands, and scenes like smoking, drinking, nudity, violence, abuse etc… from video and audio file violating the compliance regulations. 

  • Automatically tags videos for detection of: Brands, Personalities, Objects, Emotions and Scene Detection
  • Speech to text conversion
  • Video keyword generation

Auto Compliance 

For the tedious job of manually analysing content for Standard and Practises check, Tesset auto-detecting features help in detecting instances (like smoking, drinking, nudity, violence, abuse etc) in the video that violate compliance regulations. Our solutions provide a region wise analysis by processing the content for cross geographical compliance needs using region wise presets of Compliance AI models. Different geographical locations follow different compliance rules and models help to generate comprehensive reports based on each of these region wise rules. It also enables you to Extract all kind of in-video metadata from content through our inhouse ML/DL models. Analyse expressions, detect objects and recognise important features with the following technologies. 

Enhanced team collaboration and Improved Media Workflow 

Avoid confusions that come with multiple concurrent collaborations. Simplify the process and run simultaneous edits/checks by your entire team with Tessact collaborations tools. Manage works orders faster and more dynamically through our automation systems. Enable multiple users to work and contribute simultaneously to a single project and provide real-time updates of content and layouts. Explore and build idea together with live collaboration that keeps everyone in the loop, wherever they are working from. Dashboard provide managers with visibility to ensure workload is balanced. From work request to multi-stage circulation, Tessact’s media arrangement bring the best tools and innovations into a steady creation condition to permit the different groups to flawlessly team up and proficiently add to the flow of content. 

Product Feature Overview

  • Auto Metadata Extraction
  • Media Archives & Lifecycle management
  • Workflows Orchestration
  • Auto-Compliances 
  • Content Collaboration
  • Smart Cognitive Search
  • Proxy Editing
  • Promo Creation / Story Boarding
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Rich Integration Layer