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Lightspeed Live Capture C2+ server is a flexible and scalable video capture solution supporting four (4) SD/3G-HD SDI inputs, one (1) QuadLink 3G UHD input as well as numerous IP formats such as Transport Streams. Live Capture ingests into multiple video formats, creating high-resolution mezzanine concurrent H.264/AVC proxy files, and storing them to a large local media RAID or to external shared storage such as a NAS or SAN.


Capture farm or integrated into Vantage Live Capture can operate as a standalone capture device, a multiple server capture domain or be integrated directly into a Vantage domain of any size. Expanding the system is easy: to increase the channel count, simply add additional Lightspeed Live Capture servers, add their services through a common database and control them via common user interfaces. The integration of Lightspeed Live Capture servers with Vantage allows for unlimited workflow possibilities which makes this solution the most scalable, flexible and powerful media processing platform available today. 

More choices, more flexibility 

Lightspeed Live Capture servers offers six easy ways to capture your video: 24/7/365 scheduled recording of live feeds, RS-422 controlled capture from a VTR, manual record including Gang control, DAI (SCTE-104) triggering, Recurring Segment creation, and automated control through a simple Web Service REST API. Lightspeed Live Capture provides direct support for capturing into MXF OP1a, QuickTime or Telestream’s TIFO. For those wishing to maintain closed captions and other ancillary data, Lightspeed Live Capture can preserve this data via MXF, QuickTime, TIFO and Avid/Apple proprietary schemes. 

Media platform friendly 

The Lightspeed Live Capture system creates growing files that directly support 3rd party media edit solutions, including Avid Interplay, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve and Apple Final Cut Pro.