Made for Professionals, Engineered for Accuracy

It’s all in the details. The Nobel Superfine is a VAT photopolymerization 3D printer designed to print intricate designs in high resolution.

Incredible Resolution

The Nobel series of printers use Stereolithography (SL) and DLP technology to produce high-resolution industry grade prints from a wide range of materials.

Accurate and Fast

Powered by DLP technology, you can always print with speed and accuracy. Nobel Superfine prints all the details of a layer at the same time, letting you print multiple objects with complex details efficiently.

Stress-free Print Preparation

Use our custom made slicing software, XYZware Nobel, to automatically generate supports and place your print, optimizing print-time and post processing.

Innovative Material Selection

Print from a wide range of resin materials. Whether you’re casting, designing tough prototypes, or creating flexible parts, we have the materials to suit your application.

Empower Your Business

Create the perfect prototype for your business. The Nobel Superfine is a cost-effective and simple solution for jewelry and other designers to print complex and intricate designs with high quality.

Layer Resolution: 25/50/100 microns
Maximum Build Area: 6.4 cm * 4 cm * 12 cm
Resin: Standard / Castable / Rigid