Screen Subtitling Systems Ltd. develops products for the preparation and delivery of
subtitling and value-add information services across multiple platforms and devices. It offers subtitling products, such as subtitle transmission systems; Qu4ntum for offline subtitle preparation; Q-Live for live and news subtitling and captioning; solutions for the production and display of quality subtitles for OTT and Web content; MediaMate Pro software system for the re-purposing and manipulation of large numbers of media files in a server environment; and products for monitoring and logging.

Key features and benefits


  • OS: Server 2012 R2 64-bit
  • Dual Power Supply
  • UHD-8 Card enables more channel interfaces
  • Multi-channel, multi-language, multi-format
  • Fully expandable
  • Mixed systems: Open and DVB or Teletext
  • ASI or IP based
  • Playout, pass-through or mixed
  • SD, HD & UHD
  • Transcoding of all known formats

Intelligence Compliance Checks Featured

a) Minimum subtitle duration (MSD)
When the video is edited, the resulting cut may cause a subtitle to only be on-air for a
short time. A pre-defined MSD is set, and all subtitles must comply with this or it is
removed from transmission.

b) Prior to Promo (PTP)
If a piece of replacement video is dropped into the video timeline, or an edit is made moving the subtitling to the very end of the video segment prior to a promo, that subtitle can be removed. This avoids any possible subtitle overhang into the next segment/promo.

c) Fixed Interval Gap (FIG)
If an edit of video causes the next subtitle to immediately replace the prior, (i.e. ‘no flash’) the system will force a short interval between the two subtitles by shortening the two subtitles either side or delaying it slightly if no other FIG issues are caused.

Screen Subtitle system monitoring

Screen MSX Monitor, display, analyse and diagnose multiple subtitle languages on multiple channels on a single workstation. Supports DVB, Teletext and Imitext subtitle formats in any combination. Ideal for multichannel playout with many subtitle languages per channel or for channel owners to monitor language content off-air.