Headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, IneoQuest maintains a global presence with sales operations in the North American, European, Asian, and Latin American regions.

Leading video service and content providers rely on IneoQuest’s pioneering methods and video analytics solutions to ensure delivery of all video services including Multiscreen and OTT, Linear Broadcast TV and Video on Demand (VOD) to any device. Our innovative solutions span various industries, including five major ecosystems of Broadcasters and Content providers, Carriers and Operators, Devices, Network Equipment Manufacturers and Advertising.

Acquisition Product Families Overview

IneoQuest’s Video Intelligence Acquisition solutions are designed specifically to measure the right quality metrics for each part of the video chain: from the head-end/origin where the video is prepared, through the array of core networks, CDNs, and access networks where congestion and packet drops are a constant challenge, to the end device, where app bugs and lack of CPU capacity can look just like network quality issues.

The acquisition solutions are available as appliances and licensable/virtualizable software for use on client own servers, or on cloud-based resources. So even if the client doesn’t own or have access to the network, we have solutions that give the client visibility needed.