A key component in Imagine Communications’ CloudXtream Cloud DVR (cDVR) solution, Telurio Packager JITP is one of the world’s most advanced and feature-rich software-based products that enables video content to be viewed on the ever-expanding array of consumer devices. With the versatile Telurio Packager JITP, packaging of assets is performed only when content is requested by a user; this save storage costs associated with pre-packaging video-on-demand assets, and simplifies migration to new packaged formats.

For DVR and VOD applications, rather than having to prepackage all profiles of every program in all adaptive streaming protocols, Telurio™ Packager JITP packages content in real time into the appropriate protocol when that content is requested by viewers. Packaged streams are delivered to web servers or a content delivery network for distribution to end user devices. This innovative just-in-time packaging (JITP) capability enables video service providers to keep their storage and bandwidth costs in check as their multiscreen distribution content libraries grow.