Etere solutions come equipped with comprehensive editing suites, live censorship, time delay and Media Asset Management censorship.

Etere solutions manage the end-to-end media lifecycle of broadcast and media enterprises. Under the reliable web of the Etere Ecosystem, streamline your entire workflow with Etere solutions that feature seamless integration and useful operability. As the world’s first producer of software only broadcasting solutions, Etere solutions are sure to declutter your control rooms, increase productivity, and encourage a better range of adaptablity and scalability. Take the first step to achieve the results-driven success that you want. We can help you to attain results that are tailored for your success.

Etere provides a comprehensive selection of censorship tools including Dynamic Censorship/Live Censorship with Time Delay and Media Asset Management Censorship.


Media companies handle a large amount of media content daily in a fast-paced environment and censorship plays an essential element in the broadcasting process. Whether it is to fulfill compliance laws, to make time-critical edits in an ever-changing landscape or to enrich your content, Etere systems help you to navigate through complexity with intuitive interfaces that retain control and visibility of your content quickly with highly effective tools.