SOLIDserver™ suite of appliances is designed to deliver high-performance solutions for critical IPAM-DNS-DHCP-NTP-TFTP services. SOLIDserver™ provides vital benefits for performance, reliability, resiliency and security of your network services architecture.



  • DNS: 50,000 qps
  • DHCP: 1,000 rps
  • Designed for deployment in medium-sized enterprises.



  • DNS: 125,000 qps
  • DHCP: 2,500 rps.
  • Designed for deployment in medium to large sized enterprises.



  • DNS: 250,000 qps
  • DHCP: 6,000 rps
  • Designed for deployment in large enterprises, Data Centers and service provider environments.

Automated Failover Deployment for Service Continuity

EfficientIP’s SmartArchitecture™ delivers flexible DNS failover designs, for local and/or remote sites, enabling automated deployments, ensuring services availability, and optimizing performances.


  • No DNS time out
  • High scalability with unlimited number of servers
  • Compliant with Best Practices


Global Visibility SOLIDserver™

An operational access to fundamental IP data as well as the ability to manage your IP infrastructure and monitor your network services. SOLIDserver™ offers a unique and more accurate way to access your data with a transverse view with unlimited search criteria that limits hierarchical tree dependences for unrestricted data visibility.