The NVP-903 is the 3rd generation of Caton’s Network Video Processor solution. Built on the industry leading Caton Engine, the NVP-903 offers powerful features and flexible deployment to meet the needs of today’s streaming professionals.

Designed for delivery to multiple PC/Mac, mobile and TV platforms, the NVP-903 supports high quality H.264 encoding and up to 3 simultaneous outputs with independent bitrates and resolutions. NVP-903’s native network streaming allows easily deployment for live broadcast, distance learning, video conferencing, and other challenging workflows.


1) Flexible Input and Output Options: NVP-903 is a compact device but with professional connectivity. SDI, HDMI and CVBS for video input and FLV and TS for network output, combined with the Caton Engine for video transmission

2) The Caton Engine: The NVP-903 utilizes the Caton Engine, an industry leading set of adaptive protocols designed for real-time and file-based workflows over the Open Internet, for highly reliable real-time video transmission and file-based transfers.

3) Multi Bitrate encoding: NVP-903 can simultaneously output 3 independent TS streams with custom settings for different streaming destinations.  Assign different bitrates and streams for different purposes, such as lower bitrate for mobile device but higher bitrate for more powerful HD CDN platforms.

4) Portable: Light weight and compact, the NVP-903 is easily deployed to a wide variety of locations, such as classroom, conference room, event and project staging, etc.