1) Flexible Configuration
Caton Relay Server is flexible enough to build a wide range of video networks. Whether it is point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or even multipoint-to-multipoint, Caton Relay Server makes designing workflow easy and powerful.

2) Format Independent

Caton Relay Server is frame-rate and format independent, allowing you to manage video contribution and distribution with mixed video streams of SD, HD, and 4K.

3) Protocol Translation Hub
Caton Relay Server fully supports industry standard protocols such as UDP, HTTP and RTMP, as well as having the industry leading Caton Engine for reliable cross-border and cross-continent contribution and distribution. Simultaneously, Caton Relay Server is able to transcode across protocols to make your video workflow easy.

4) Multiple I/O
Caton Relay Server support multiple network interfaces that can be individually configure for specific use, such as dual ISPs inputs or outputs for higher bandwidth or connection redundancy.  VLAN is also supported for complex video network setups.

5) Sophisticated Deployment.

 Simple Management
Caton Relay Server can be easily deployed to manage complex video contribution, yet maintain an simple management interface.  Caton Relay Server built-in web control helps you to remote control your video network.

6) Sophisticated Deployment.

Caton Relay Server can handle complicated video routing using Caton Engine R2TP and other protocal while fullying monitoring active streams.  Keep track of key parameters including bandwidth, jitter, up-time and connection status. Caton Relay Server gives a peace of mind to your video contribution solutions.




Caton Engine Protocol For Live Media Delivery. Compatible with all Caton Engine enable devices, including the Caton IVP-3000, NVP-903, and LCP-300.

  • Support for R2TP PUSH from Caton encoders, •
  • Support for R2TP PULL for an RRS to pull a stream for another RRS.


Universal transport protocol. Compatible with third party encoders.

Channel Bitrate

Dependent on licensing and configuration Up to 40Mbps/channel



Relay to cascaded Caton Relay Server or Caton Decoders (NVP/IVP SMIP) or Caton software


Relay to cascaded Caton Relay Server or Live Media Server or Caton/third party decoder.


Relay to Monitor or Live Media Server.


Relay to Live Media Server or CDN (Edgecast, Pacnet,Ustream,YouTube Youku, and other compatible CDN platforms).

Channel Bitrate

Dependent on licensing and configuration Up to 40Mbps/channel

System Requirement

2 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 8 GB Memory,1x Gigabit Ethernet, for a minimal RRS system with 1x R2TP input and 1x UDP, 1x HTTP, and 1x RTMP output, up to 20Mbps/channel.

CentOS 7 64-bit

Control & Management

Web-based user interface.

Real-time monitoring and statistics for UDP/R2TP input and R2TP/HTTP output, Graphical interface. Real-time record. Downloadable from web page. VLAN support for UDP input and UDP output.