TITAN Live is a high video quality, high density software compression solution, designed for Cable, DTH, OTT Live delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD content. TITAN Live is a True virtualized software based solution, pure CPU solution, hardware agnostic, running on any OS: Linux, Windows and Virtual Machine.

TITAN Live is based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM compression engine, delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with accelerated parallel processing. Addressing main screens and multiscreen applications, from small resolutions up to UHDp60, TITAN Live addresses current and future requirements.

TITAN Live is a complete distribution solution: Encoder, Transcoder, Multiplexer, Statmux, Packager and Origin. With powerful user interface, management system and extensive set of APIs, TITAN Live can easily integrate with any ecosystem, reducing time-to-market and OPEX.