Taking advantage of new powerful silicon components and algorithmic enhancements Appear TV are raising the performance bar to a new level.  Some markets, such as DTH, require to maintain high video quality whilst being challenged with increased service offering in an already tight bandwidth constrained network. Other markets, where bandwidth is of less concern, focus on service density per encoder/transcoder looking to improve cost per channel. A common denominator across all markets is the desire to launch OTT service offering in order to stay competitive, securing the business by reducing churn of subscribers.

Built around a modular platform hosting a wide selection of modules, Appear TV’s XC5000/XC5100 platform can be configured as a turn-key head-end or as a standalone solution designated for intensive service processing applications. The only divide in the platform are the physical interfaces for the inputs setting a hardware divide between the encoder and transcoder variants. Although implemented in hardware, software alone dictates what the card does. This means a change in software can transform the module into a superior high video quality encoder, a high-density encoder, or an OTT (multiscreen) encoder. The same applies for transcoders. Expanding on Appear TVs universal head-end philosophy, the UNIVERSAL compression family provide absolute flexibility with outstanding video quality, setting new standards in the compression domain.