The X10/X20 architecture is new and compatible only with the growing range of ‘X’ modules; (‘XC’ modules are not supported). It is built around an in-house developed, high capacity bus architecture that connects all modules. The X10/X20 has a 1RU and 2RU form factor offering dual hot-swap power supplies, dual front-mounted control modules and six or twelve rear-mounted option slot bays. A -48v power supply option is available

Dual control modules can optionally be fitted to either model, and will operate in active / active redundancy mode with redundant backplanes to provide seamless recovery from many critical fault scenarios. The ‘X’ chassis set new standards for redundancy which are in perfect harmony with modern broadcast requirements and beyond. Importantly, they will outperform any generic server based solution in their target applications.

The X10/X20 control/switch module and the dual IP IO modules provide native 10G uni-directional and bi-directional port connectivity. The control/switch module for X20 additionally has two 1Gb uni- or bi-directional ports. Seamless input and cloned output modes are supported. High data rate interfaces such as 25, 40Gb and even 100Gb NICs will be added on selected future option modules when required (for example to support handling of uncompressed 4K and 8K services).

X20 control module interfaces

All modules are hot-swappable (including power supplies and fans). The new architecture provides freedom from system releases enabling different software versions to be used on modules: This allows new features to be delivered to customers sooner, breaking the need for a complete release cycle. It also facilitates testing and guarantees even higher standards of software stability and quality.

X10/X20 as a firewall

The X10/X20 is not only able to support these ‘video-centric’ features but also provides a cost effective, simple solution supporting a high-reliability hardware architecture providing exceptionally high standards of efficiency and redundancy protection. The X10/X20 maintains tight security on its control layer, which supports many advanced features such as user management and RADIUS authentication.

X10/X20 as a dense scrambler

An ultra-high density scrambler module is available for the new X10/X20 chassis.

X10/X20 as an SDI to IP (uncompressed) gateway

The X10/X20 can be used as a versatile SDI or ASI to IP gateway. In SDI mode, the module translates between SDI and uncompressed video over IP according to SMPTE 2022/6. In ASI mode, the module encapsulates MPEG T_S packets within IP frames and in ASI to IP mode, can use HD BNC connector pairs to implement seamless ASI packet switching so that packets can be accepted from either pair. The sizable 6 or 2 option module capacity makes it easy to scale the solution to meet varied density needs, or combine this with other modules to create a truly multi-purpose solution.