Powerful Multiplexing Simplified

Appear TV provides a powerful digital multiplexing solution for operators launching or expanding their digital service offering. Built on the common XC5000 chassis platform, it features advanced multiplex software that simplifies engineers’ deployment and operational routines. Developed with digital cable, terrestrial, satellite and broadband operators in mind, the multiplexer performs full analysis of source PSI/SI and PSIP tables, with automatic regeneration of all tables as required. The high capacity multiplexer has a throughput of up to 850 Mbit/s and each output card supports 250 services. XC5000 platform offers high performance IP, ASI, QAM and COFDM output modules for direct insertion of digital services into a cable, terrestrial, satellite or broadband network. Based on an architecture with full digital-modulation and up conversion, the QAM and COFDM output modules deliver clearer signals, and simplify deployment of future enhancements.


Appear TV XC5000






Central Head-end
Ease of configuration makes the XC5000 the ideal solution for deployments requiring aggregation of services from multiple sources, service processing and preparation for modulation over broadcast networks.

Remote Head-end
With IP, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-S/S2 input sources, powerful edge processing capabilities, high density QAM and COFDM outputs alongside decoder options for analog simulcast; operators can deliver all broadcast services via a common platform that can be managed remotely.

High throughput ASI feeds, multiplexing functionality, and a built-in user friendly interface make dynamic service adjustments easy.

When equipped with an EPG regenerator module, the XC5000 multiplexer can gather EIT schedule information from several channels and various sources. Based on the operator’s selection the module automatically filters out unused services, regenerating the EIT schedule to reflect the current channel lineup for the network. In addition, the operator can define the number of days the EPG information should be played out, the playout rate, etc.

Appear TV’s audio leveling solution makes it possible for operators to synchronize the audio levels of radio and TV channels originating from different studios and processed with different encoder settings. With each module having a capacity of up to 250 channels, operators can cater to hundreds of channels simultaneously.

Media Conversion
With all the available input and output modules, the XC5000 is a powerful, space efficient solution for media conversion between different network technologies. Transparent mode enables direct transport stream forwarding between networks or alternatively the content can be locally re-multiplexed prior to forwarding.

Resilience is built into the Appear TV architecture. All components and modules in the XC5000 are hot-swappable, including power supplies and fans. A number of redundancy options are available, from 1+1 redundancy with highly fail-safe output switching, to our new innovative N+1 solution. Appear TV’s redundancy solutions are self-managed, eliminating the need for expensive NMS software.


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